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Anybody who does business internationally needs to feel reassured that they speak English clearly and confidently.

Taking tailor-made  business English training that focuses on your job and industry sector is the fastest way to make real progress. You will gain more confidence in all communication with colleagues and customers.

Our most popular course, this flexible option includes:

  • free initial consultation about your learning requirements
  • initial assessment tests in the skills of speaking, listening and understanding, reading and writing including a detailed grammar assessment
  • 1:1  60minute lessons with a  professional, qualified tutor
  • individual  course design based on your needs
  • all course materials, digital files or paper copies you will need
  • all marking of your work  and feedback
  • lessons to take place at your place of work or ours, as convenient
  • travel expenses may be payable
  • a first trial lesson is available completely without obligation to continue
  • minimum learning module is a 12 hour course taken over 3 months



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